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"Deus ex machina"

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MessaggioInviato: Mar Giu 19, 2007 9:00 am    Oggetto:  JUDAISM IS MADNESS.
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Visto che il domain di John Kaminski è stato sospeso, e non sapendo quante altre voci fuori dal coro verranno imbavagliate in futuro, metto in salvo qui, e non solo, il prezioso articolo che dà il titolo a questo topic e che si trova(va?) a questo link:

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MessaggioInviato: Mar Giu 19, 2007 9:00 am    Oggetto: Adv

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"Deus ex machina"

Età: 69
Registrato: 28/08/06 10:58
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Località: Molto a Est di qui.

MessaggioInviato: Mar Giu 19, 2007 9:02 am    Oggetto:  
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Judaism is Madness

By John Kaminski – September 26, 2006  

Of all the models of the damaged discourse of the Jew found in the literature after the Holocaust none seems more all-pervasive than that of the language of madness. While this image of the Jews' discourse has been dismissed as merely the reflection of the incomprehensibility of the Holocaust as represented by the survivors' inability to cope with the post-war world, the actual language ascribed by Jewish writers to the mad in their texts reveals the roots of this image as much deeper and more telling than has been imagined.— Sander Gilman, Jewish Self Hatred: Anti-Semitism and the Hidden Language of the Jews:The Language of the Mad, p. 360: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986

The shadow of the tree of life deepens, covering our whole house in a desperate darkness as what is euphemistically known as the family of man hurtles toward its own sunset, toward a world-changing injury designed and executed by its own fear.

I am protected by God, you know, not because I believe in any of the world's religions, but because I have seen exquisite rhythms of the universe's great laws and am honored to participate in their rewarding processes. In that sense am I doing His work, if you can stifle your own religious dogma for a moment and see that I've taken the Taoist shortcut past the righteous rituals and commenced my search for the same universal truth that you seek.

More and more the world resembles a beastly bacchanal designed by Caligula. For sheer for pure mindless debauchery, George Bush far excels that renowned Roman emperor. But Bush is only a sockpuppet for the real shadows that hasten us toward our doom, men who stay in the shadows and control everything that we think and do. Thank you for recognizing that I have seen the real problem and am pursuing it the best way I know how, which is to light a fire under that dark dogma that is destroying us.

"From the reign of Nero to that of Antoninus Pius," Gibbon says again, "the Jews discovered a fierce impatience of the dominion of Rome which repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections. Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which the Jews committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus, and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives...In Cyrene they massacred 220,000 Greeks; in Cyprus 240,000; in Egypt a very great multitude. Many of these unhappy victims were sawed asunder..."
— Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ii, pp. 3, 83, 85; World Revolution, Nesta Webster, pp. 162-163).

A Jewish rabbi living in the West Bank has called on the Israeli government to use their troops to kill all Palestinian males more than 13 years old in a bid to end Palestinian presence on this earth.

"We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon. …What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs," (the head of an IDF rocket unit in Lebanon

... the Jewish God ... is the God of vengeance down to the fourth generation, just and merciful only to his own people, but foe to all other nations, denying them human rights and commanding their enslavement that Israel might appropriate their riches and rule over them.
— Victor Marsden, The Protocols of Zion, p. 91.

Did you realize that psychology was invented by Jews and in the hundred-or-so years since its invention and institutionalization, it has turned everyone in the world into a Jew? OK, so it hasn't reached the Yanomani yet. It has reached you, or you wouldn't be reading this.

Did you realize that your very concepts of space and time and of weights and measures and particularly values have been altered by this same shadowy tribe that filters like a virus down through history and laughs behind its cash registers as its agenturs fleece the goyim of their honest labor? The analogy to cattle is apt, in the same way that Israeli doctors harvest the eyes of Palestinian children whom their soulless soldiers have deliberately killed for that very purpose.

But you have no conception of that. We are all immersed in a mist of implanted presupposition that includes things like the candidate with the most votes wins. Lately we have learned that is no longer how things work.

All polite pretense has been shorn from our demeanor. We are living in age that gets to the point. Predator society.

So it was from this mindset that I contemplated a recent essay from China, part 4 of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. It went like this ....

Chinese people value greatly the “Tao,” or the Way. In ancient times a brutal emperor would be called “a decadent ruler who lacks the Tao.” Any behavior not conforming to the standard of morality, which, in Chinese, is denoted by the two characters Dao De, meaning “Tao” and “Virtue” respectively, was said “not to follow the principle of Tao.” ... Lao Zi [aka Lao Tzu] said, “There is something mysterious and whole, which existed before heaven and earth. Silent, formless, complete, and never changing. Living eternally everywhere in perfection, it is the mother of all things. I do not know its name; I call it the Way.” This suggests that the world is formed from “Tao.”

In the last hundred years, the sudden invasion by the communist specter has created a force against nature and humanity, causing limitless agony and tragedy. It has also pushed civilization to the brink of destruction. Having committed all sorts of atrocities that violate the Tao and oppose heaven and the earth, it has become an extremely malevolent force against the universe.

The Tao of the universe does not change. The universe runs according to the Tao in an orderly manner. The earth follows the changes of heaven, therefore it has four distinct seasons. By respecting heaven and the earth, mankind enjoys a harmonious life of gratitude and blessings.

But the Communist Party promotes “humans over nature” and a “philosophy of struggle” in defiance of heaven, the earth, and nature. Mao Zedong said, “battling with heaven is endless joy, fighting with the earth is endless joy, and struggling with humanity is endless joy.” Perhaps the Communist Party did acquire real joy from these struggles, but the people have paid tremendously painful costs.

To recap: The Chinese Communist Party is a "force against nature." It is based on demonstrably insane concepts. For the purpose of overall human health and health of the planet, it must be eliminated.

This epiphany got me thinking about the Straussian neocon (thanks Kurt) cabal that has turned Washington into the capital of world mass murder in the name of phony platitudes. Aren't these the same guys Arnold Schwarzeneggar was fighting in "The Terminator?"

Isn't what they're doing also against nature? Isn't the whole phony scheme of building up groups to fight each other for the ultimate purpose of making incomprehensible amounts of money total hogwash? A crime against nature.

Communism in China, according to the epic , continues to commit the following crimes against nature and its people.

• It confounds Good and Evil in a wholesale attempt to eliminate the humanity from people.

• It fights against the Earth in violation of the Law of Nature, bringing endless disasters.

• It battles with Heaven, suppresses Faith and rejects belief in God.

Epoch Times concludes ...

The communist movement is destined to fail since it violates the law of the universe and runs counter to heaven. Such an anti-universe force will surely be punished by the heaven’s will and divine spirits.

Though the CCP has survived crises by frequently changing its appearance and clinging to its last desperate contrivances, its inevitable doom is clear to all in the world. Shedding its beguiling masks one by one, the CCP is revealing its true nature of greed, brutality, shamelessness, wickedness and opposition to the universe. But it continues to control people’s minds, twist human ethics and thus bring ravages to human morality, peace and progress.

The vast universe carries with it the irrefutable will of heaven, which can also be called the will of the divine, or the law and force of nature. Humanity will have a future only if it respects heaven’s will, follows the course of nature, observes the law of the universe, and loves all beings under heaven.

The Communist Party claims to fear no heaven or earth, but has attempted with arrogance to reform heaven and earth. This is a complete disregard for all the righteous elements and forces in the universe.

First of all, ask yourself if Communism wasn’t an operation based on the Jewish philosophy? The history of Russia bears bloody witness to that. And even more spookily, Mao Tse Tung was once a busboy in New York City not very far from Pierpoint Morgan’s bank.

But second, consider the applicability of the Chinese critique to the Western model. We must make the same connection — the people who are leading the United States are demonstrably insane, and so is most of our culture. It’s pretty easy to interpret all those comments deconstructing the Chinese Community Party and apply them to Nimmo’s “Straussian neocons” who are run by Wolfowitz at the World Bank, Carlucci at the Carlyle Group, Rumsfeld in the Defense Department, and Kissinger obscenely ferrying orders to the punks in charge from the feet of his Rockefeller master, who is himself subservient to the Rothschild emotional eunuchs in London, who are themselves obedient to the insanity — the Jewish madness — of kabala (as well as nuclear) control from some secret location in Israel.

And since our nation is now ruled by Jewish autocrats who control our money, media, religion, education, medicine, food, ***** — through schools and media they control our very perceptions — how are we going to address our problems in the world when we can’t even perceive the proper parameters of the threats we face because of this institutionalized media thought control, which through Hollywood, big newspapers, and a ****-addicted and pornographized school system works to infect every person in the world with this soulless Jewish mindset?

You don’t hear much about “do unto others ... “ these days, do you?

Getting a handle on the real parameters of the problem is the first step toward fixing it.

You hear a lot about how people who question the Jewish version of the World War II so-called Holocaust are evil. Consider how, as in the Chinese context of government against nature, how against logic is the Jewish defense of their sick ritual.

In France's most respected newspaper, Le Monde (Feb.21, 1979), 34 historians issued a manifesto (co-written by Vidal-Naquet) in support of Exterminationism. The concluding paragraph asserts that mass gassings of Jews did take place and that no one can deny their existence without committing an outrage on the truth. The manifesto also includes these words: "The question of how technically such a mass murder was possible should not be raised. It was technically possible because it occurred. This is the necessary starting point for all historical investigations of the subject. It has fallen to us to recall that point with due simplicity: there is not nor can there be a debate over the existence of the gas chambers [p.xiv]."
— Revisionisticus (Paul Grubach)

Lately there have been several attempts by Jews to encourage other Jews to get their act together and stop using the rest of the world as their personal cattle herds.

But be forewarned. Explications of Jewish behavior by Jewish writers (or Jewish writers who have converted to something else) are apt to be self-serving deceptions that lead you in the right direction 95 percent of the way, and then veer you into Israeli propaganda in the last five percent of their cleverly crafted stories. The new golden boy radio host Alex Jones, and writers such as Henry Makow, Norman Finkelstein, and Ted Pike fall into this category.

The Israeli writer Gilad Atzmon proposed the name of a new disease to be applied to the poor, beleaguered Jews suffering from the threat of bombs created by their own army.

PRE-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, he called it, unwittingly describing the deleterious effects of Jewish culture on the whole world.

This supposed revelation, along with the Jewish Pope’s recent faux insult of Islam, blotted out the real news story — the real horror — of the Jewish state of Israel depositing 1.3 million cluster bombs in the towns of south Lebanon, in a matter of only three days.

Meanwhile, the hip Jewish writers so popular on trendy websites continued to insist that not all Jews were responsible for these atrocities, even as they felt proud at how Jewish culture had produced all these Holocaust Museums.

Do you know what a cluster bomb is? If you support Israel, I urge you to try one out in your backyard real soon.

My friend Dave Kersting spelled it out well.

The point is that Judaism is an explicitly racist doctrine.

Buddhism is not. Catholicism is not. Islam is not.

This does make a rather huge difference.

It is not a coincidence that the outstanding racist violence of our own communities in our own time and place is demanded by an organized faction with roots in an explicitly racist doctrine. There are plenty of pathetic people who will sign on to that kind of bandwagon for whatever reasons, Christian Zionists included, but the consistent problem has been Zionism - since the first years of the Twentieth Century. Any form of "Christianity" that ignores the words attributed to Jesus is just another branch of Old Testament Judaism.

It is not 1706 or 1806; it is 2006, and popular Zionist support for an officially Jewish state in Palestine is by far the most flagrant and systematic campaign of overt ethnic-supremacist violence perpetrated by any faction of the US population since Southern Slavery. This violence is openly supported by at least 99% of US citizens who stand to gain personally from "Jewish" advantage in the Middle East. They are not ill-informed; there is no secret: an officially Jewish state forced into multiethnic Palestine is mass racist violence as obvious as it can possibly get.

Making excuses for it is complicity. Masking it in specious comparisons is also complicity.

The only decent response to openly-declared racist violence, past or present, is plain talk, primary emphasis, and zero tolerance.

The best place for a Jew to be in these pivotal times is reexamining his dogma, so eloquently expressed by the Jew turned Christian Leland Lehrmann.

Given that speaking the truth about Jewish Supremacism is now considered anti-semitic, and given that Israel is now trying to extradite "holocaust deniers" to Israel or other places where they can be imprisoned, it is time to bring these issues out into the open and to give dissenting citizens of Jewish extraction the right to be heard and demonstrate that we too understand the problem of Jewish Supremacism and in no way support its warlike and police state policies. It is ironic that Zionist Russian mafia criminals are given safe haven in Israel which refuses to extradite them, yet Israel's new law demands the right to extradite "thought criminals." Apparently, truth is not considered to be a valid defense when discussing anti-semitism. Therefore, we are entering a twilight zone which requires the efforts of honest citizens or the truth may not survive these lies.

Specifically, this passage ...

"As an example of Jewish Supremacy in the Bible, here is Ivan Fraser's comment on Deuteronomy:

"'Deuteronomy [Chapter 7] reveals the racist, hateful, bloodthirsty and malevolent consciousness of these men who dominated "the Chosen People" and reveals the consciousness of the "God" which they worshipped: 'seven nations greater and mightier than thou [are to be delivered into the Judahite's hands], and: Thou shalt utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them... ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire... for thou art a holy people unto the Lord thy God.

The Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all people that are on the face of the earth... Thou shalt be blessed above all people...

And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eyes shall have no pity upon them... And he shall deliver their kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven; there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them...

Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein... etc. Furthermore... Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother... unto a stranger [non-Jew] thou mayest lend upon usury... And all the people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the Name of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of thee... thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. And the Lord will make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath... etc.'"

The legendary American Henry Ford begins his landmark analysis of Judaism, “The International Jew” with a macabre vignette that is frightening even beyond your ordinary garden-variety paranoia. The very first paragraph of his colossal examination goes like this ....

The story of Jews in America begins with Christopher Columbus. On August 2, 1492, more than 300,000 Jews were expelled from Spain and on August 3, the next day, Columbus set sail for the west, taking a group of Jews with him.

Beneath the increasingly ominous iron cloud of Jewish oppression, which is based on demonstrably insane assertions and dwarfs the entire spectrum of your perception, you begin to glimpse how deep the rabbithole goes ....

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world, but fewer lately because of the cowardice of supposed news purveyors who lack the courage to call a Jew and Jew. For more information check out  

Last updated 28/09/2006
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"Deus ex machina"

Età: 69
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MessaggioInviato: Mar Giu 19, 2007 9:03 am    Oggetto:  
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Jews Don't Believe in Freedom of Speech

Their twisted version of history keeps creating tyranny and wars

By John Kaminski

  | John Kaminski Forum


I can make any Jew tell a lie in three seconds. Just ask, “Tell me about the history of Israel.” You won't hear the real answer from a Jew.

The real answer is: Israel is a criminal entity subject to no laws but its own, and it basically has none. It was created by terrorists who stole the land from its original owners. Every crime is permissable by a Jew against a non Jew. That is the core of its teaching in both the Talmud and the Torah. Non Jews are cattle, the Talmud says. Take a look at the world, and see how those cattle are now being slaughtered, especially in the neighborhood of Israel.

Israeli soldiers specialize in shooting Palestinian children in the head, you know. Most Jews in America are very proud of that, though they don't usually let the newspapers they own in America write about that stuff, except through vicious racism against others, especially Muslims, but also blacks and whites, of which they are neither.

My local TV station told me local Jews were celebrating and supporting Israel's slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and its invasion of Lebanon, where many children were slaughtered by Jewish bombs while riding in a schoolbus. Such is life in braindead America these days. Zionized. A mental yarmulke on the heads of everyone.

Remember Rachel Corrie, the ***** **** crushed by the bulldozer? Multiply that by a number too large to contemplate and you have an accurate picture of life in Palestine under the heartless heel of the Jewish/Zionist/Israeli monster, which kills for no reason and smiles at the sight of the blood it spills.

This is the most important social question now facing the human species.

What kind of religion is this Judaism?! It is not like the others — Christians, Muslims. Buddhists and Hindus, who advertise salvation to anyone who wants it. Judaism is only for the Jews, not for anybody else. In fact, In Judaism, everybody else is fair game for murder and robbery with no penalty. Witness the Israeli squadron captain who recently was acquitted on a minor manslaughter charge after pumping 13 bullets into the lifeless body of a ten-year-old Palestinian girl.

The greatest scam ever perpetrated on the human race was the notion of anti-Semitism, where a transparent persecution complex created a permanent, self-inflicted injury by which the greatest group of crooks in human history made themselves sacred, and hoodwinked the rest of its species into believing they were The Chosen. The cash registers have been ringing every since. And there’s something about spilled blood these people like.

Five thousand years later, after the magical machinations of Daniel and his magi friends in Babylon invented money and religion at the very same time, the two remain inextricably intertwined. The tribe of Dan, the Danae who populated Greece, the Tuatha de Danaan who are the fairyfolk of Ireland, spread around the world, carrying their ethics with them in the mind memes of the Old Testament. Kill for any reason, and call it holy, as long as it is profitable.

Today our freedom of speech — and our freedom of thought — is manacled as surely as William Blake recorded the harlot's curse in long-ago London. "Blights with plagues the marriage hearse."

Only today, all is permissable within the new streamlined, alluring and utterly soulless American media spectrum, except for one subject.

The Holocaust. The most untouchable of topics. We may not discuss it. In many countries — most of Europe, in fact — they'll throw you in jail and throw away the keys in a pile of trivialities, and you'll never see your home again. Just ask Ernst Zundel, or any of his other thought comrades jailed in Germany after being renditioned from elsewhere for simply reporting the unbiased, empirical facts of World War II.

The unbiased empirical facts are that the Germans didn’t gas anybody during World War II, that there was no “final solution” planned other than deportation to Palestine, and that the great shame of Jewish leaders forever throughout history — and why they were probably banned by God in the Bible — is that the worldwide Jewish organizations were complicit with Hitler in the herding of Jews and their deaths were largely caused by the Allied bombing of 1945, after which typhus and starvation raged. The founders of Israel wanted those people dead, because they didn’t want them in Israel. No valid evidence of gas chambers exists. Plenty of people died; war is like that. AP reported 875,000 Jews total in a 1947 report. And the religion of the Six Million marches on, demolishing whole societies in its ugly path.

And here’s another in the endless examples of why Jews don’t believe in freedom of speech.

As we speak, Professor Robert Faurisson of France faces years in jail for simply saying “show me evidence of gas chambers” on Iran’s Sahar TV (my favorite station, as a matter of fact). I have spoken of these matters on this same show nine times and said far worse than Faurisson. Maybe I should go to France, eh?

All we are actually are asking is for Jews to prove their hysterical interpretations of history are true, but they can’t do that, so they bribe people and make laws prohibiting discussion of the subject, because they know they will lose any neutrally judged debate.

This is the Jewish war on freedom of speech. You will believe this false, twisted history, or you will go to jail. If you want to forever erase any notion you may still entertain that Germans mass-gassed Jews, read Paul Grubach’s magnificent recap of the debate:

Ironically, it is, I believe, a very favorable sign for the future of Holocaust revisionism that most of the Western power elites refuse to debate the Holocaust revisionists, but only resort to name calling, threats of career destruction and jail sentences. It suggests to the world that Holocaust revisionism cannot be defeated with evidence and reason. The opponents of revisionism are intellectually impotent, and they cannot defeat revisionism with facts, evidence and logic. The "Holocaust" is a weak and flimsy ideology that needs special laws, threats of career destruction and jail sentences to protect it.


Freedom of speech? Forget about it. Jews don't believe in freedom of speech. Jews control the Congress, the media, the banks, the movie theaters, the product distribution centers, the big stores, your local governments, the medical and legal professions, your schools. Jews control your lives, in thousands of ways you don't even realize. They speak, and you listen, just like Pavlov taught.

On the surface, they pretend to be slightly above average citizens, excelling in schools tailored for them and arriving in the job spectrum on a high level, guaranteeing their dominance over others. The new mafia is definitely Jewish, and running the government, as well.

This is how it works in Congress, too. No one gets even to run without the approval of the Jews, and its monster organizations, AIPAC and the ADL. The precious few who get past the initial filters usually are crushed in general elections either by an avalanche of Jewish money and negative Jewish media coverage, or, worse, bought off to twist their message in a certain slight way to favor a certain slight group.

For those of you who would bluster and fume that this is anti-Semitism, I say it is evidence of crimes, committed down through history against everyone by one single group which today has much of the world in flames because of its insane avarice.

The real crime is that they are allowed to continue to do what they do. Continued ignorance of this insidious social poison is now in the process of destroying much of the world.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and is very ashamed to say he is an American after all the needless murders that have been committed in the name of Americans. His Internet essays can been seen on hundreds of websites around the world, and his latest collection of them, “Recipe for Extinction” is available at

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